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Sexual fantasies blog

Bad wife for new cuckold

April 13th, 2013

A 38 years women, tells her husband, a 32 years men, that she would like to have sex with a men that has a big cock, not like his, 10 cm (3,94 inches).
He tells her that does not know if can resist without doing something to her or to his sex partner.
She founds out a black stud with a 21 cm cock (8,27 inches) and asks him to come over, without telling her husband. This stud had 27 years.
Is 9:30 PM and she convince her husband to be let tied up to the bed, and after that puts a tape on his mouth.
After that starts to bite his balls, telling him, that is doing this as punishment, because don’t has with what to fuck her pussy.
After a few minutes of punishment, the black studs rings at the door.
She opens, and invite him to kiss her, while is in the same room with her husband.
Her husband is shocked, did not expected this meeting.
After that she takes down his jeans and start sucking his cock, that in a few seconds became strong.
She loves to lick and suck that big cock.
She did not do it enough to make him cum.
She took off all her clothes and got over her husband, but not to fuck him, but to let him see close, how a big cock fucks.
And started to got that black big cock insider her pussy, she wanted to get that cum to drop over his face.
She fucked him for hours, and but that pussy over his nose and eyes, to touch and smell a satisfied pussy and a black bull cum.
She was very bad, told him that she never had an orgasm with his small cock, she always faked the orgasms.
Him started crying, but she never stopped fucking, until the time was 5:00 AM.
The black stud, got over her, and told him that he loved to fuck a women like her, while a her husband watched, because is not men enough, to give her what she needs.
She got a knife, and put him at his dick, and put him to lick her satisfied pussy, and drink the sperm that got off.
He was afraid of being cut and done it, cleaning her pussy.
She told him, that will do this every week of his life, if he wants to have a beautiful women like her, every day, close to him, and to touch his body.
This is the way, this men became a cuckold.
Watching all his life as cuckold, how real men`s fuck his women.

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